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Willie Isz (Khujo goodie & Jneiro Jarel)-Georgiavania Album Review

Willie Isz album cover

Willie Isz album cover

Artist: Willie Isz (Khujo Goodie & Jneiro Jarel)
Album: Georgiavania
Label: Lex Records
Release date: June 30, 2009

That’s right… Georgia + Pennsylvania. Khujo and Jneiro come through with a mind bending, head bobbin, psychedelic type of sound. Seemingly a follow up effort by Khujo to test co-Goodie Mod alum Cee-Lo’s Gnarls Barkley projects, this album holds its own and is definitely worth picking up. Easily being a better album than the second Gnarls album, The Odd Couple, it would be due justice if Georgiavania receives a Grammy nomination (considering The Odd Couple received 4 nods). Full of a variety of beats (done by Jneiro Jarel), and on point vocals (mostly done by Khujo), Georgiavania is an enjoyable listen and a perfect summer release. The diversity of this album should be commended. With positive vibes and substance in their message, hopefully a sophomore effort is in the works.

Track listing:

  1. Willie Intro
  2. Blast Off
  3. Georgiavania
  4. Loner
  5. Gawn Jet
  6. I Didn’t Mean To…
  7. U Want Some?
  8. Prepare Fo It (Spiritual Gladiators)
  9. The Grussle
  10. Violent Heart Box
  11. Autopilot
  12. Shone
  13. In The Red


3 Must Listen Tracks:

  1. Gawn Jet
  2. U Want Some?
  3. Autopilot

Overall Rating:   4 / 5

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Willie Isz (Khujo goodie & Jneiro Jarel)-Georgiavania Album Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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