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Sunspot Jonz | Galaxy of Dreams | Album Download & Review

Sunspot Jonz|Galaxy of Dreams|Album

Sunspot Jonz|Galaxy of Dreams|Album

Sunspot Jonz|Galaxy of Dreams Free Download

Artist: Sunspot Jonz
Album: Galaxy of Dreams
Label: Outhouse Records
Release Date: April 12, 2011

Sunspot drops another hood epic with his first volume in a dual release series known as G.O.D. “Galaxy of Dreams”. The Legend again gives a top dollar effort with his trademark dirty ghetto vocal swagger. Space age steeze, heavy on the synths and hard knock baselines will remedy any lack of motivation to rock to a rhythm. Regal hooks and a varying decor of subject matter have shown Mr. Jonz is ever on his grind to expand his sound, which is a common trait in the artists born from the Living Legends Alma Mater. This album also contains Sunspot’s efforts in the singing style (found on his latest Temper Twins collabo), often quite amusing and surprisingly well produced. You won’t go wrong in picking this up, for even if you’ve not heard much of him before, this is a well rounded example of a rooted Sunspot over updated boundary pushing beats. And one more thing… watch out for that Abby Rude verse. It’s a monster.


“Again it’s poppin/ Never stoppin/ Get yer dirty on while the beat is knockin”

Track Listing:

01. Change In The Sky
02. Elevation
03. The Return Of AnimalFace
04. G.O.D. ft. The Light
05. Spacewalk
06. Frogdance
07. I Am The Revolution
08. Bump The Beat
09. Suspended Animation 22
10. Equinox ft. Pigeon John
11. Skywalker C
12. Lost Survivors ft. Abstract Rude
13. Gumball Stew
14. Oldsmobile Seats
15. Skyscrapers and Frank Wayne
16. Lightyearz In A Jar
17. Like A Phantom
18. Gateway To The Next Galaxy



3 Must Listen Tracks:

1. The Return of AnimalFace
2. Frogdance
3. Like A Phantom

Overall Rating: 4/5

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Sunspot Jonz | Galaxy of Dreams | Album Download & Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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  1. i am looking forward to listening to this. sunspot is always hittin. will return with an “after listening” comment.

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  2. Love me sunspot! been waiting for this for a minute. downloading now, will return with a follow up after listening.

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