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Rise and The Avid Record Collector-Risen Album Review and Download

Risen Album Cover

Risen Album Cover

Download Album: Risen by Rise and The Avid Record Collector

Artist: Rise & The Avid Record Collector
Album: Risen
Label: 54 Side Records
Release Date: February 24, 2009

Risen is an album full of clever punchlines, comical anecdotes, and full throttle NYC reppin. Rise is from Brooklyn and one of the members of the famed Demi-Godz crew, and The Avid Record Collector has been on the 1’s & 2’s for over twenty years. The two have come together to produce a complete album from start to finish of intelligent wordplay and fresh, uniquely built beats. Rise shows he is clearly on an upper echelon with his rhyming schemes, and The Avid Record Collector definitely came through with motivated music to match. “Rise is the name, and likewise the motto”. Do yourself a solid and get this album, one of the best releases so far in 2009.

Track Listing:

  1. Risen Intro
  2. Rise Anthem
  3. Born
  4. Maintain
  5. Sleep
  6. Call Of The Wild
  7. I Remember
  8. Everyday
  9. New York (Feat Substantial)
  10. Make Room
  11. Daddy Left (Feat Madafi)
  12. Never Disappear
  13. Handle Your Business (Feat Poison Pen)
  14. Ain’t Nothing (Feat Celph Titled & J-Love)
  15. Stuttering Fine
  16. Wra Cypher (Feat Wordsworth & Masta Ace)
  17. Julia’s Song (Feat Lynn)
  18. Freestyle (Outro)


3 Must Listen Tracks:

  1. Rise Anthem
  2. I Remember
  3. Freestyle (Outro)

Overall Rating: 4.75 / 5

Rise & The Avid Record Collector live at Fat Beats NYC:

Rise & The Avid Record Collector ft. Substantial “New York” track:

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  1. never heard of this group, gonna check em out, thanks for taking the time to listen and post your thoughts…saves me time in sifting through the heapfuls of mainstream garbage. stay tall, day 2, poppin collars and out drinkin scholars.

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