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RA Scion & MTK | Victor Shade | Album Review & Bodega Politics Download

RA Scion & MTK | Victor Shade Album

RA Scion & MTK | Victor Shade Album

RA Scion & MTK|Bodega Politics Free Download

Artist: Victor Shade (RA Scion & MTK)
Album: Victor Shade
Label: SCIONtific Records
Release Date: March 27, 2010

It’s a mic… it’s a sound check… No! It’s Victor Shade to the rescue. RA Scion has unveiled a post Common Market Superhero themed dynamic duo with producer MTK. Using much more aggressive production techniques than Sabzi (of Common  Market and Blue Scholars), MTK provides a launch pad for RA Scion (Ryan Abeo) to ignite his vocal musings and ascend to a higher level. Much higher than previous albums with Sabzi. Upon learning Common Market was going on indefinite hiatus, the initial reaction was a colossal “bummer”. But now, after listening to the Victor Shade effort, it is clear RA Scion has benefitted immensely with the up-tempo hard knock thumps delivered by MTK. RA Scion is one of the most genuine, gracious and ingenious people you will come across. It just so happens that he also is a supremely gifted orator of social commentaries. Having always delivered messages based around a desire for an overall cultural wellness, Victor Shade is easily the most empowering vessel RA Scion has used to deliver his positive vibes to the masses. RA Scion has stated he was given the alias Victor Shade (a Clark Kent type pedestrian character opposite of the superhero The Vision) by his deceased brother-in-law before he passed. The title was used in homage to his fallen bro, once RA Scion connected the dots as to the similarities between himself and the comic book character. As an initial warning, if you have any young children, you may want to strap on one of their bibs to catch your drool upon listening to it. This is to be classified as a “high risk to dent your dome piece” type of joint. Of course, after you’ve finished peeping the “Bodega Politics”, do the right thing and head over to the website and buy the digital download. Victor Shade deserves it.

Track Listing:

1. Pym Strut
2. Bodega Politics
3. Circus Hounds
4. Tony Snow
5. The Long Way Down
6. Kneel Diamond
7. Autograffiti
8. Boots
9. Sway
10. Soothsayer
11. What A Vision
12. Roll Credits





RA Scion Freestyle 1:

RA Scion Free Verse from Sergio Mottola on Vimeo.



RA Scion Freestyle 2:

RA Scion spits another verse from Sergio Mottola




3 Must Listen Tracks:

1. Bodega Politics
2. Boots
3. Sway

Overall Rating: 4.75 / 5

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RA Scion & MTK | Victor Shade | Album Review & Bodega Politics Download, 4.8 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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  1. I wish this download link was still active. never heard of him until this site, watched “soothsayer” video and now i’d like to hear an album.

    to the record shop I go!!!

    support the artists you believe in!!!

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