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People Under The Stairs | Carried Away Album Download and Review

People Under The Stairs - Carried Away

People Under The Stairs - Carried Away

Carried Away Album Download | People Under The Stairs

Artist: People Under The Stairs
Carried Away
Release Date:
October 13, 2009

Double K and Thes One released their seventh album Carried Away and once again displayed the quality skills that have led them to be one of Los Angeles’ best underground duos. The production style is very basic, similar to a low-end theory drum, bass and vocals structure. This works well with the tone of voice and style of rhyming the two MC’s possess. PUTS are known for their sense of humor, and this is evident throughout the album, specifically on the tracks “Beer”, “Teeth” and “Creepshow”. In essence, Carried Away is a great listen from beginning to end, providing you with solid sounds that are stripped down to the necessities. This may be the most impressive aspect of their work, in that it is so simple yet so good.

Track Listing:

1. Step Off
2. Much Too Much
3. Hit The Top
4. Listen
5. Trippin’ At The Disco
6. 80 Blocks From Silverlake
7. Beer
8. Come On, Let’s Get High
9. Check The Vibe
10. Letter From The Old School
12. Down In LA
13. My Boy D
14. Teeth
15. Creepshow
16. Chicken Kebap
17. Carried Away


3 Must Listen Tracks:

  1. Trippin At The Disco
  2. DQMOT
  3. Down In L.A.

Overall Rating: 4 / 5

Carried Away:

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