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NEFEW | Antihero Begins | Album Download & Review

NEFEW|Antihero Begins Album

NEFEW|Antihero Begins Album

  NEFEW|Antihero Begins Free Download

Artist: NEFEW
Album: Antihero Begins
Label: On Our Feet Records/Puma
Release Date: March 26, 2010

Polemikk and PA-Double are the two artists that have delivered to us New Education From Every Word. Or… NEFEW. These two dudes are from Switzerland, have released a few prior records, and generally seem to enjoy making quality music. Their latest album is Antihero Begins (they have labeled it a mixtape, but in reality its a phenomenal concept album). The concept is quite simple… two dudes who have dreams of becoming well known and well respected hip hop artists without selling out and compromising their internal values. Seemingly a satirical mockumentary, yet for all intent and purpose their message is deadpan accurate.  It is their own story, how could it not be? Young guys find success in the banking world, quit banking and dump all their money into making their music, getting tripped up for not conforming to the formulas, stereotypes and core driven superficial targets that are too often forced onto the mainstream’s ears in current times.  The lyrics by Polemikk are extremely disciplined, holding himself consistent while building his messages in storybook fashion. Each track seems to have a slight slip in rhyming sequence, but it actually could best be described as sacrificing a formula for a sound. Not sticking to a set expectation, but providing an avenue for truth instead… much like the entire album. The striking surprise about this album is that it was released free on the Internet. To be blatantly honest, this is an album comprised of mega-talent that would have sold a high number of units regardless. But NEFEW decided to use it as a statement against the practices, pressures and prejudices of the major label record companies (i.e. what Chicago based emcee Rhymefest has done with his last two free Internet projects “Man In The Mirror” & “Dangerous 5:18″). The rhymes and beats are both impressive, with a tilt of fresh inflections and an earnest do-good mentality. DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS!


Track Listing:

Chapter I – Insight
1. Intro
2. Alternatives
3. Less Music
Chapter II – Courage
4. The Bank – Skit
5. Know Better
6. No Time To Kill
7. It’s Your Life
Chapter III – Ignorance
8. The Demo – Skit
9. Unless
10. Focus Or Fold
11. Change A Thing
Chapter IV – Truth
12. The Bliss – Skit
13. Who I Am
14. Get Up & Move ft. L. Harold
15. Face Defeat
Chapter V – Pride
16. The Airport – Skit
17. Antihero Begins





Polemikk building the beat for “Unless”:


  Get Up & Move:


  NEFEW’s extended group “Emphacized Prophecy”:


3 Must Listen Tracks:

1. Less Music
2. Unless
3. Face Defeat

Overall Rating: 4.25 / 5

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NEFEW | Antihero Begins | Album Download & Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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