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Esoteric | Saving Seamus Ryan Free Album Download and Review

Esoteric - Saving Seamus Ryan Album Cover

Esoteric - Saving Seamus Ryan Album Cover

FREE Album Download: Esoteric – Saving Seamus Ryan

Artist: Esoteric
Album: Saving Seamus Ryan
Label: Fly Casual Creative
Release Date: September 22, 2009

Saving Seamus Ryan is a concept album. If you do not know what that is, then you may not fully grasp the genius embedded within it. This is a 20 track, 70 minute storyline with each song relating to the prior, the next, and the front to back.

Seamus Ryan (Esoteric’s gov name) is gonna propose to his girl, but gets mugged and shot, resulting in the ring being stolen. Ryan then has to rush to get surgery for the bullet wound. Upon leaving the hospital, he begins to doubt his ability as a rapper and ponders getting a real job. His manager figure, Indie Solo (played by samples of various Harrison Ford characters i.e. Han Solo) tells him to stick to the game plan and tries to link him up with a guest artist for his future album project (many mainstream rappers are sampled in this context). Unfortunately, to Seamus’ dismay, the situation goes awry. The relationship with his girl suffers as he delves deep back into the madness of being addicted to spittin bars. Desperate, he sells his comic books to buy another ring only to come up short in the funding category. He and his manager finally track down the men that jacked him, led by the notorious Benny Macko. But Indie Solo bails on him, leaving Seamus and his dog Logan to fight for their lives. Seamus and Logan wreck shop on the hoodlums, and while Solo returns from the mist, Seamus realizes he is a figment of his imagination (i.e. Tyler Durden). Instead of clapping Macko, Ryan claps Solo. Thus freeing himself from his inner demons. Seamus Ryan then completes a single, releases it, the track blows up, he gets that dough and buys his lady another ring.

Esoteric spent several years creating this album. While it may sound like an awkward combo, a mix of Good Fellas meets Scooby Doo meets Fight Club, this concept rivals any other effort out there, possibly being the greatest concept album yet within the hip hop genre. Yes… this album smashes A Prince Among Thieves, tops out over I Phantom, holds a candle to any of Kool Keith’s work and gives Deltron 3030 a run for its money. Pick it up. Play it. Save Seamus Ryan.

Track Listing:

  1. Studio Time / Goodbye
  2. The Darkest Park
  3. Punks Shoot & Steal
  4. Plotting My Revenge
  5. Mass General / Macko’s Angle Feat. Main Flow
  6. I Need A Dope Beat
  7. Bar Thief
  8. I Rap Too Much
  9. Modern Love (In Boston) Feat. K-Flay
  10. Ace’s Take Feat. Masta Ace
  11. No Features
  12. Hold On Feat. Qwill
  13. Selling Spidey
  14. Take Him To The Bridge
  15. The King Is The Dog
  16. Chocolate Popcorn
  17. The Wrong Attitude
  18. My Audition
  19. Fight
  20. Back To The Lab

3 Must Listen Tracks:

  1. Mass General / Macko’s Angle
  2. I Rap Too Much
  3. Back To The Lab

Overall Rating: 5 / 5


The Darkest Park:

Modern Love (In Boston):

Back To The Lab:

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Esoteric | Saving Seamus Ryan Free Album Download and Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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