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Blame One | Leaks & Gemz| Mixtape Download & Review

Blame One|Leaks and Gemz Album

Blame One|Leaks and Gemz Album

Blame One|Leaks & Gemz Free Download

Artist: Blame One
Album: Leaks & Gemz (Mixtape)
Label: Soul Spazm / Buy Me Some Henny Records
Release Date: January 4, 2010

Sometimes you run across an emcee that makes you wonder why people can’t just talk in rhyme. Like B.A. Baracus… or maybe even Dr. Seuss. Blame One makes it sound like becoming an on-point verbal assassin is a remedial accomplishment, comparable to naming a day ending in “y”. Blame is one of those type of artists that when you hear him, it takes a few moments to decipher whether the beat is making his delivery dope, or if his style and messages are amplifying the beat. The coin usually lands on the latter. Cuz point blank, his shit is always nice and gets the head-nod in full effect. He’s been busy as of late, having released the Days Chasing Days LP in April of 2009, then retiring in late 2009, then unretiring to drop this mixtape, and currently concocting another LP with DJ Babu (of Dialated Peoples) due out later this year. Referring to one of the lines off the tape pretty much sums up his outlook…”if this mixtape is better than your album… you should quit”.

Track Listing:

1. Pressure (Remix)
2. Danger
3. The Cypher feat. Sojourn & Jimmy Powers
4. Glass House
5. Past Your Thoughts feat. Johaz
6. Dream Sequence Revenge feat. Fashawn & Exile
7. 4 Levels of Hell
8. Mr. Science
9. Problem With Authority
10. Move Forward feat. Trek Life & Sene
11. I Keep Tellin You!
12. Dr. Jeck
13. Saturday Night Special (original)
14. Revenge


Dream Sequence Revenge:

Glass House:

3 Must Listen Tracks:

1. Past Your Thoughts
2. Problem With Authority
3. I Keep Telling You!

Overall Rating: 4 / 5

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Blame One | Leaks & Gemz| Mixtape Download & Review, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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