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BK-One & Benzilla | Radio do Canibal Album Download and Review

Radio do Canibal Album Cover

Radio do Canibal Album Cover

Free Download: Radio do Canibal

Artist: BK-One & Benzilla
Album: Radio do Canibal
Label: Rhymesayers
Release Date: October 6, 2009

BK-One knew what he was getting into with this project. The all-genre all-star line up of artists appearing on these tracks leads one to ponder if the first major release by the Rhymesayer DJ would produce the quality type of beats to meet the quality of MC’s performing on them. A quick rundown…
Brother Ali , Slug, Haiku D’etat, Raekwon, I Self Divine, Phonte, The Grouch , Black Thought, P.O.S., Toki Wright, Blueprint, MURS, Scarface… Now with the weight of that list of heavyweights on BK-One and Benzilla’s shoulders, the album turned out extremely well. The flavor is evident, and one can hear the effort the lyricists put into their respected tracks. While the formal tracks are impressive, the interludes and instrumentals seem to make the listener want to hit the skip forward button. Perhaps it’s that they are in another language, or perhaps because they sound at times like thrown in filler. Radio do Canibal would have just been better served in having an additional three or four more featured artist tracks (either by the same artists or different ones). There’s 19 tracks. Prediction: after ten seconds, you’ll have skipped 7 of them.

Track Listing:

  1. Ivan Tiririca (intro)
  2. Gittit
  3. Mega
  4. Caetano Veloso (interlude)
  5. The True & Living
  6. Here I Am
  7. Tema Do Canibal
  8. Ivan Tiririca (interlude)
  9. Philly Boy
  10. Blood Drive
  11. A Day’s Work
  12. Face It
  13. Love Like That
  14. Hyldon (interlude)
  15. Blue Balls
  16. Eighteen To Twenty-One
  17. Call To Arms
  18. American Nightmare
  19. Tome Ze (Outro)

3 Must Listen Tracks:

  1. Here I Am (ft. Phonte, Brother Ali & The Grouch)
  2. Philly Boy (ft. Black Thought)
  3. Face It (ft. Toki Wright)

Overall Rating: 3.5 / 5


Eighteen To Twenty-One (ft. MURS)

Tema Do Canibal (ft. The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble)

Here I Am (ft. Phonte, Brother Ali & The Grouch)

BK-One interview…

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